Welcome to Letzword.com, the language learning assistant!

Last year I moved to Luxembourg. The country has three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. This is why I am developing this website: to keep track of my progress learning new languages.

The Letzword.com framework has been created from scratch, and its main purpose is for users to quickly add new words they want to learn. Words can be categorized, to focus the learning process on a filtered group of words. The quiz selects random words from the database, for a quick practise session. This website has responsive design, and has been optimized for both big and small (mobile) screens!

All the words currently visible on the website are the words that I added for myself. By making this a public website, I hope that others also benefit from this little language assistant. There is no spell/grammar checker, all words and phrases are added manually. Aside from making this website work, new modules will be added. For logged on users it is possible to create dictionaries (and quizzes) in multiple languages.

If you have any feedback, comments or a request for a certain functionality, please contact me!

Want to keep track of new developments in this website, check my blog.

-Koen Böhmer-